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The raffle draws bases

The raffle draws are aimed at customers of members who want to participate in the campaign.


– All members can participate in the draws organized by the Association.


– The raffle ticket vouchers will be purchased by the associated establishments that decide to join the raffle campaign. Only complete vouchers can be purchased.


– a period defined by the board will be determined to reserve the participation ticket vouchers. This reservation will be through the communication channel defined by the board


– The price of the raffle ticket vouchers will be determined by the board.


– the amount of the coupons of the participation tickets will be settled at the time of delivery of the vouchers.


– The tickets will be distributed individually by the partner participating in the campaign to their customers for purchases made, leaving at the discretion of the partner, the amount of the purchase. We reserve the right to justify the purchase made to obtain a participation ticket.


– the winning ticket will be determined by coincidence of the number with an official public draw that will determine the board on a given day, type: Eleven, national lottery, …


– The prize of the draw goes to the customers of the associated trade that participates.


– the winning client will have to contact the ubet or an associated establishment to communicate the winning ticket to the board through the channels we have of internal communication of the association.


– The winner and the establishment that has distributed the prize in different media, Internet, radio, TV and social networks will be broadcast.


– a prize is determined by the associated establishment that delivers the prize, this will be defined by the board. In the event that the establishment has not delivered the ticket, a compensation will be defined. ** example: free participation voucher in the next draw ***


– in case the winning ticket is not delivered, the prize will be recycled for an upcoming draw.


-the winning customer will have 3 months from the date of the draw to spend their prize or collect it

– Tickets for a contest have an expiration date of 3 months, if the prize is not claimed it will be recycled for a future draw.


-the winning ticket must be in good condition without alterations or manipulations.

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