Enjoy the sea

Fashion & Accessories

  • Aprile

    (CA) Moda per a home i dona des d'una actitud alegre, divertida, apassionada i, en alguns moments, ¡agosarada i irreverent!

  • BLAU Artesania

    At BLAU Artesania you will find all kinds of minerals, some assembled in jewelery, some for collecting and decorating, and others for therapies and rituals, as well as salt, selenite and quartz lamps. We also have Tibetan, quartz and Hindu bowls, as well as natural incense, figures, esoteric and Tibetan products. In addition, you can enjoy a section of fossils.

  • Calçats Susi

    Multi-brand shoe store. On Sundays we are at the L'Escala market

  • Enfilart

    Women's fashion, swimwear, accessories, and jewelry. Open during the spring of 2018 without experience but with a lot of PASSION!



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