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We are pleased to inform you that we are starting preparations for the new Campaign:


How does the campaign work ?:

– Each associated establishment, if it wishes, can request vouchers with 100 tickets each to give to its customers
– There will be several numbers on each ticket to take part in the draw

When will the draw take place?
On JANUARY 6, 2021 with the Children’s Draw:

What is drawn?
Two awards:
1-With the first prize of the “del niño” Draw:
€ 2021, divided into 9 monthly checks of € 200 and 1 check of € 221 (July and August are excluded)
These checks will be to be spent in establishments associated with the UBET
In order for these prizes to be distributed to a maximum of establishments, the € 200 per month will be distributed in 4 checks of € 50 distributed in 4 sectors according to type of business or establishment.

2-With the second prize of the “del niño” Draw:
We will be raffling off the iPhoneXr that was left empty in the Halloween Campaign !!

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