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Black Friday Campaign


Dear Member,

The Black Friday campaign, which aims to encourage Christmas shopping, will take place on November 27, 28 and 29.

THE CAMPAIGN: During the days of the campaign the participating establishments offer a single% discount to customers on seasonal items. In addition, customers who buy during these days in the participating establishments will be able to participate in a raffle.

THE DRAW: For the draw, the UBET will provide members with a mailbox provided by the ADET where customers can deposit the purchase ticket with the discount and their name and phone number. The draw will take place at the TV studios L’Escala. Only tickets on which the discount has been applied will be valid. The winning customers of the draw will be able to make a purchase again for the same amount and in the same establishment with a maximum limit of € 100. Up to € 500 will be distributed. UBET will cover the cost. In order to return the € to each establishment, it is essential to present the ticket for the purchase made

TO PARTICIPATE: It is an exclusive campaign for UBET members and free. To participate, you must send a message to the Whatsapp Dissemination Group stating your interest in participating in the campaign and the exact% discount that the establishment wants to apply to customers during the days of the campaign.

ADVERTISING: UBET will order vinyls that will include the UBET establishments registered in the campaign and the discount that these establishments will offer. Each participating establishment will receive one of these adhesive vinyls that they can stick on the window. Sunday, November 15 is the last day to register to appear on the promotional poster. Late registrations can participate but the name of the establishment will not appear on the poster. This campaign will be advertised on Ràdio l’Escala and Canal 10. It will also have a presence on social networks !!

Thanks for your participation.

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