Enjoy the sea


Campaigns, promotions and draw

  • UBET l'Escala

    (CA) Vols saber la clau?

    (CA) Ser constant, no decaure, provar i provar, perquè unes vegades aprens i d’altres encertes

    Today we release a new promotional video !! It is a work done together with the City Council and it arrives at the right time in order to gain strength and encouragement to start the month of August ️ ️We kindly ask you to broadcast all your channels and thus reach the maximum possible audience‼
  • We have an important message for you

    It’s just a pause … To get back stronger !!!
  • You have the Key

    “IT’S JUST A BREAK TO BECOME STRONGER … FROM @ ubet.lescala WE KEEP WORKING TO BE CLOSER TO YOU” Remember: When we start again … # TuTensLaClau
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