Enjoy the sea


Campaigns, promotions and draw

  • Festa de la Mare de Déu del Carme

    Feast of the Virgen del Carmen

    The link between the town and its sea is clearly evident in the celebration of this festival, which includes a colorful maritime procession carrying the Virgin of Carmen out to sea.
  • UBET l'Escala

    (CA) Vols saber la clau?

    (CA) Ser constant, no decaure, provar i provar, perquè unes vegades aprens i d’altres encertes

    Today we release a new promotional video !! It is a work done together with the City Council and it arrives at the right time in order to gain strength and encouragement to start the month of August ️ ️We kindly ask you to broadcast all your channels and thus reach the maximum possible audience‼
  • We have an important message for you

    It’s just a pause … To get back stronger !!!
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